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Security Enhancement Project |

The Australian Federal Police has awarded Manteena Security a $50m contract for its Security Enhancement Project. The AFP is undertaking these security upgrades to provide a safer work environment for the AFP workforce.

Facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth will receive new two-layer security checkpoints and hostile-vehicle management systems, while new resistance systems and tools to isolate intruders and lock down buildings will be added.

New systems to respond to security incidents and stand-alone servers for security related IT systems will also be installed.

Sydney’s AFP headquarters will get new fixed bollards, to reduce the risk of an attack like the incident at the Merrylands police station in July, in which a man attempted to set off an explosive before driving his car into the basement garage door and setting himself on fire.

Barton Police College and Majura Training Centre in Canberra will have new security boundaries created; and along with the Edmund Barton Building, will also have upgraded security checkpoints and visitor entry controls. Among the early works are new servers and computers for AFP security systems.

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