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Manteena & JNC Group join forces to launch Maarrima |

Maarrima is a joint venture between Manteena and JNC Group, formed to extend the excellent collaborative relationship between the two organisations and to harness our complementary strengths.

Formed with the shared vision of constructing projects under one banner, the business will provide opportunities for increasing awareness and understanding of indigenous culture and opportunities for the Indigenous community more broadly.

The name ‘Maarrima’ comes from the local Armidale Dhangatti language, the home of JNC Group, and means “to do or make that”. Maarri “to do or make” and Ma “that”, jointly reflects the purpose of the business which is to build structures and relationships, as well as develop capacity amongst local Indigenous communities.

Speaking at the launch, Manteena CEO, Simon Butt, said Maarrima offers a proven construction delivery experience, certified systems base, project capital and long-standing industry connections via Manteena and JNC.

“Maarrima draws upon Manteena and JNC’s complementary strengths to provide high quality project delivery experiences around Australia and overseas in a way that supports Indigenous businesses.” he said.

Maarrima is proudly Supply Nation Certified. Endorsed by the Australian Government as the leading directory of Indigenous businesses for its procurement teams to fulfill their targets under the new Indigenous Procurement Policy.

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