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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but with new technology being embedded in appliances, and colours and styles changing all the time, how do you keep up?

We had a chat to our long-term interior design partners, Dept. of Design on what we’re expecting to see coming into our kitchens in 2023.


According to the Dept. of Design team, green is going to be the standout colour of 2023 and not just in small pops. It will be a bold statement complemented by soft neutrals.

“We are seeing more solid colour in kitchen joinery with green being popular, especially when paired with earthy and warm neutral tones. There are fewer selections of cool tones such grey and bright whites for kitchens as palettes move away from high contrast black and white to softer muted colours with a focus of texture.”

Why? Green is a palatable colour that is relatively neutral, whether it is a deep pine or a soft pale eucalyptus green, it doesn’t draw on any particular emotion, creating versatility without committing to a palette that can’t be refreshed.

Natural Stone & Porcelain Sheet

Natural stone has become increasingly popular as each slab offers a unique texture, pattern and colours, and with more cost effective alternatives to classic marbles and granites, natural stone is now accessible to all budgets.

Slimmer benchtops are also starting to increase in popularity due to the development of porcelain slabs, providing a durable textured alternative to resin and quartz based stones, porcelain provides a durable alternative.


With a focus on soft muted tones, texture becomes an important layer in the kitchen palette. The use of natural stone with a honed, leathered or polished finish can change the overall feel, making the benchtop more tactile and welcoming.

Handmade tiles with rough edges and uneven glazes will catch the light and mixing metals will create interest and add warmth.

Adding texture is relatively easy to do and will refresh a renovation or take your new build to the next level.

“Honed, leathered, polished handmade and organic layers are really popular. People are starting to look for new ways to make an impact and Adding texture is something that is relatively easy to do to update and refresh a kitchen, or take it to the next level in a new build.”


In continuing the break away from all white kitchens, timber is making a comeback.

It pairs beautifully with neutral tones and can be adopted in flooring, joinery and benchtops in varying scales to suit personal design preferences.


“Engineered timber, vinyl planks and concrete are still the most popular choices. However, we are also seeing a re-emerging trend for large format tiles.”

What’s In?

Handles are back!

Induction cooktops continue to increase in popularity and are likely to become the new normal very soon.

Steam ovens are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a fresh, clean healthy cooking alternative to microwaves and are ideal for your home baked sour dough and Sunday roast.

Integrated appliances such as fridges and filtered water taps are always a valued addition and provide a clean line to the joinery.

Say goodbye to your overhead rangehoods, downdrafts are IN! Cooktops in your island bench are also becoming on-trend.

What’s Out?

You heard it here first, multiple pendants over your island bench, and kitchen sinks in your island bench are officially out!

“We are also seeing less cabinetry included in main kitchens with more storage and prep areas being integrated into the pantry.”


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