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The most successful projects come from a great, collaborative relationship between builder, architect, contractors, consultants and clients. Fortunately for Manteena, our teams have developed fantastic, long-term relationships with a number of architects across Commercial, Security and Residential.

In the Residential space, our team has been working with Terry Ring from Architects Ring & Associates, and the wider team, since 2016 when they joined forces for a project on National Circuit.

The role of an architect is seen to be largely artistic. Terry notes his focus tends to be on the look; “I care about the look of the final product and giving the client what they have been dreaming of, while also contributing to the streetscape. Our job is to ‘design for the people’ and sell a concept, not a product.”

Working collaboratively and having input from the architect and the builders from the beginning has made the process far more seamless for Architects Ring & Associates and Manteena, with high quality outcomes which helped win 2021 Home of the Year with Tennyson Crescent.

“When you have the engineer, architect, builder, client and interior designer all in the one room you balance each other out and all problems can be addressed straight away, whether it is from a cost, buildability or design perspective. We love being involved from the ‘ground floor’ (straight off the bat) and have had great outcomes when engaged from the initial concept phase. The differing perspectives available when we work collaboratively as a project team always provide the best outcomes for the client,” says Residential Operations Manager Danny Agnello.

The Synergy between Manteena and Architects Ring & Associates is clear in their ability to produce outstanding homes that exceed client’s expectations, with a balance of incredible design, buildability and budget management.

“Our strengths balance each other’s weaknesses,” says Terry. “The Residential team are excellent with managing the client budget and finding solutions to a concept that fit into an overall budget. Home design is incredibly personal, there is so much angst and it is really important that we understand and acknowledge the amount of emotional investment that goes into creating these homes. Danny [Manteena] has a great eye and understands and buys into the overall vision of a design which is incredibly helpful in managing the budget and delivering a beautifully designed and functional home.”

When asked why Terry enjoys working with Danny, Scott and the Residential team so much, he mentions “the quality of Manteena’s product, and the communication, professionalism and loyalty that Manteena possess. The team are problem solvers and I have huge admiration for their determination to succeed in the residential space.”

In asking Danny the same question about Terry and the Architects Ring & Associates team, Danny references “the collaborative nature of Terry and the way he is always approachable and open to working through problem solving solutions together. He is so incredibly passionate about what he does and that is what makes him an excellent architect. We have a great relationship built on trust and it makes the process really enjoyable for all of us.”

As for what’s to come, you’ll have to wait and see as Manteena Residential and Architects Ring & Associates continue to work together on designing and building high quality, luxury homes for our clients.

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