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We are excited to share the story behind the commissioned Indigenous artwork that Manteena received from artist Sarah Richards at Marrawuy Journeys. The artwork, titled “Building Connection,” beautifully captures Manteena’s commitment to building connection, respect, and relationships in our reconciliation journey.

Early conversations between Sarah and the Manteena team highlighted key themes of a family-based culture, connection, diversity of clients, and the ongoing organisational reconciliation journey. All these themes were the inspiration for the ‘Building Connection’ artwork and its elements.

The three layers in the background are inspired by the colours of the different landscapes across which Manteena delivers its projects. From the green of the Canberra region, where Manteena’s headquarters are based, to across Australia and seas. The smaller circles that connect to the green centre, but expand across the layers, represent the wide reach of Manteena’s clients and projects.

The three symbols in the centre represent the three key areas of a Reconciliation Action Plan – respect, relationships, and opportunities. They are connected to the Canberra headquarters to represent the positive impact of embedding RAP initiatives internally, but also across to the next layer to represent the positive external impact.

Lastly, the figures around the edge represent Manteena’s family-based culture, including their families, clients, and the community, all of whom contribute to Manteena’s purpose of leading the way in quality construction.

We are thrilled to unveil the artwork later this month and showcase it to our staff, clients, and community. Stay tuned for more updates on our website and social media channels.

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