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Moira Frezza joined the Manteena team in 2018 as a part-time executive assistant. Now, the Safety Administrator is an integral member of the Manteena team, who can constantly be relied on to bring fun, laughter and a positive outlook to any situation.

So, How did you end up as Manteena’s first Safety Administrator?

My career is built on my ability to write. I’ve written education policy for the APS, fundraising for charities, PR for other builders, job applications for university graduates, administrative procedures for the UN… the only common thread in my career is that I write.

I started with Manteena in 2018 as a part-time Executive Assistant, to fit around school hours. I loved the variety of the role and the team I supported. In July 2022 – after just a little pushing – I moved across to a junior role in the Safety Team. They created a special position for me, to fit my non-traditional background and to accommodate primary school hours. Then, this year, they enrolled me in a WHS Cert IV so I will have a qualification to match my experience.

Why Construction/Safety?

The Safety Team at Manteena is the most attractive team. (As evidence, I wanted to supply a photo of us in Charlie’s Angel poses, but Marketing said ‘no’.) We can be on site or in the office. We get invited to all the events. We swoop in and save the day when problems are proving intractable. We’re valuable members of the construction team. There’s lots of talking and lots of reading. And every so often, there’s a pleasurable little buzz of knowing you made the world a better place.

How would you explain Manteena’s Offering and approach?

Manteena has been an amazing support to my career, as evidenced by my transition into Safety and the encouragement I received to pursue that career change.

What is it like to work at Manteena?

Some of my best friends work here. I’d turn up each day even if they didn’t pay me.

Did you always think this was an area you may end up working in?

No. I never had the safety posters up on my teenage bedroom wall. Not even an ‘emergency exit’ or a strip of orange bunting. But Safety is an area you can find if you enthusiastically say ‘yes’ to every opportunity.

What would you tell anyone considering a career in the Safety/Construction space?

Get confident in your reading, writing and number-ing. You’ll be communicating with people from all different backgrounds.

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