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We’re incredibly proud to showcase our award-winning custom-built home, valued at over $4m. Nestled in the heart of the historic Red Hill precinct, this architectural marvel stands as a testament to our commitment to design, precision and client vision.

Masterfully designed by Adam Hobill of Adam Hobill Design, the journey began in late 2018 with a humble butter paper sketch. The design brief was clear: to craft a home that exudes traditional elegance while championing connectivity to outdoor spaces, natural light, and ventilation. The site’s generous width paved the way for a symmetrical footprint, with rooms radiating off a central spine to harness natural ventilation and light.

One of the client’s core visions was an outdoor entertainment expanse that flawlessly wove the pool into the entertainment hub. This vision was brought to life impeccably, as the backyard now serves as a sanctuary for sun-soaked summer days and offers a cozy sunken fire pit retreat for winter evenings.

The team’s collaboration with the client began in early 2019. After diligently refining the design and coordination for over 12 months, the groundbreaking moment arrived in June 2020 (just before COVID shutdowns). Fast forward 21 months to May 2022, and the dream was realised—a splendid three-story residence that harmoniously complements its surroundings. As time progresses, the landscaping will further accentuate the home’s beauty, while its bitumen driveways, front fencing, hedges and piers will continue to echo the heritage of the streetscape.

A project of this magnitude owes its success to the dedication and hard work of our exceptional team. A heartfelt acknowledgment to Lewis H, Kaspar C, Anthony A, Scott P, Mitch G, Emma T, Adam P, Nick P, Barrie D, Liam K, Chris P, Jack G, Beth C, Danny A, Angus M, and Frazer B.

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