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We are thrilled to announce that Manteena, in collaboration with Architects Ring & Associates and Archertec Interiors, has been awarded the MBA ACT ‘House of the Year’ for our Deakin project at the 2023 Master Builders ACT and Asset Construction Hire Building Excellence Awards.

This accolade speaks to the devotion, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail our residential team and building partners poured into this ambitious project.

Unmatched Craftsmanship in Every Corner

A home’s soul lies in its details. Every room, corner and element in the Deakin project whispers a story of unparalleled craftsmanship. The show-stealer was undeniably the handcrafted staircase, which stands as a testament to precision, having been delivered to the millimetre. The process of creating each timber stair tread required on-site templating followed by off-site manufacturing. It is this precision that can be observed throughout every nook and cranny of the house.

From brick corbelling, intricate parapets, elegant wainscoting and detailed cornices & skirting boards; the dedication to preserving master craftsmanship is evidently felt.

Innovation and Global Inspiration

This home wasn’t just built; it was curated. The wrought-iron balustrades, painted to mirror the finish of the aluminium window frames, bring a touch of vintage elegance. In a harmonious blend of local craftsmanship and global aesthetics; chandeliers, pendants and wall lights were handpicked and sourced through the homeowner’s European connections.

Our approach to design was both aesthetic and functional. Flooring direction was meticulously planned to softly separate the rooms, allowing them to seamlessly connect. The consistent high-quality visible throughout the house was achieved through weekly team meetings, specialised workshops and creating prototypes to finalise key details.

Beyond Design: Adaptability in Focus

One of the standout features of this project was the team’s adaptability. The team capitalised on voids identified during the modelling phase. Our innovative team then transformed these spaces into practical storage drawers and introduced a laundry chute to the floor below, optimising every inch of the residence.

A Symphony of Collaboration

This project stands as a symphony of collaboration between Manteena, Architects Ring & Associates, and Archertec Interiors. The outcome? An architectural marvel of finely detailed architecture and bespoke modelling, rendering a house that’s not just a dwelling but a work of art.

We’re incredibly proud to showcase our award-winning custom-built home, valued at over $4m. Nestled in the heart of the historic Red Hill precinct, this architectural marvel stands as a testament to our commitment to design, precision and client vision.

Masterfully designed by Adam Hobill of Adam Hobill Design, the journey began in late 2018 with a humble butter paper sketch. The design brief was clear: to craft a home that exudes traditional elegance while championing connectivity to outdoor spaces, natural light, and ventilation. The site’s generous width paved the way for a symmetrical footprint, with rooms radiating off a central spine to harness natural ventilation and light.

One of the client’s core visions was an outdoor entertainment expanse that flawlessly wove the pool into the entertainment hub. This vision was brought to life impeccably, as the backyard now serves as a sanctuary for sun-soaked summer days and offers a cozy sunken fire pit retreat for winter evenings.

The team’s collaboration with the client began in early 2019. After diligently refining the design and coordination for over 12 months, the groundbreaking moment arrived in June 2020 (just before COVID shutdowns). Fast forward 21 months to May 2022, and the dream was realised—a splendid three-story residence that harmoniously complements its surroundings. As time progresses, the landscaping will further accentuate the home’s beauty, while its bitumen driveways, front fencing, hedges and piers will continue to echo the heritage of the streetscape.

A project of this magnitude owes its success to the dedication and hard work of our exceptional team. A heartfelt acknowledgment to Lewis H, Kaspar C, Anthony A, Scott P, Mitch G, Emma T, Adam P, Nick P, Barrie D, Liam K, Chris P, Jack G, Beth C, Danny A, Angus M, and Frazer B.

Project Details

Manteena have had a Carpentry Apprenticeship and Building Pathways Program for the past 3 years, creating opportunities for young apprentices to gain qualifications, understand the building process and progress into Leading Hand, Site Supervisor, Site Manager or office-based roles.

Mitch Gatenby joined the Manteena Apprentice Program in the third year of his Carpentry Apprenticeship and was named the 2022 Apprentice of the Year for MBA ACT last Friday.

Mitch’s passion for quality, high end construction is what led him to Manteena Residential 2 years ago.


Firstly, congratulations! How does it feel to be named Apprentice of the Year?

It’s an incredible honour to take it out. It’s not something I was expecting and you don’t get an apprenticeship in hopes of winning Apprentice of the Year but it means a lot to be recognised for the effort I have put in over the years.

Tell me more about your career to date. How did you get into carpentry?

I used to work at Volkswagen and I knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship and get into construction. I knew a few carpenters who put me in contact with a few builders and that’s really how it all started.

For me carpentry was the trade of choice. I wanted to get my qualifications and learn the skills around building, and client and project management within building, so it just made sense.

I worked for a couple of builders before joining Manteena and was able to learn about the different areas of carpentry and building more generally at different scales which has been invaluable. It’s been really cool to learn different skills and delivery processes as well as gain an understanding of the whole building and construction process so I’ve been pretty lucky.

What’s it like working for Manteena?

It’s the best job I have ever had. We have a really good team in Residential and everyone is really welcoming across the entire group.

Building high quality, top end homes with a focus on the finishes is what I have always wanted to do so I love it.

What would you say to anyone considering an apprenticeship in construction, or more specifically a career in Carpentry?

Having a trade is invaluable. There are so many areas in life where I can apply the skills I have learnt which makes it more than just a job in some ways.

There is always work available and options to move and change within the industry once you finish your apprenticeship, so you aren’t locked into just being a trade if you don’t want to be. I would highly recommend trade based apprenticeships to anyone who wants to get into the construction industry and who wants to be a builder or Site Manager someday.

Manteena has been awarded the Large Commercial Construction Business of the Year 2022 at the Master Builders National Business Excellence Awards held on 2 September in Melbourne.
Announcing the award, the Master Builders described Manteena is an iconic name in Canberra’s construction industry, going on to say that its history of delivering projects of the highest quality is backed by a dedication to ensuring that the excellence of its business operations matches that of its construction prowess.
Manteena’s business success is built on:
Mark Bauer, Manteena Group CEO, described the award as wonderful recognition for the entire Manteena Group. He said, “It’s one of the few times we have been recognised for an industry award that isn’t directly related to a project, so to combine this with success on the national stage is an even greater achievement”.
“This award is for the whole group and acknowledges the hard work and commitment made by all our staff in every aspect of our business from: Finance, HR, Business Systems, Estimating, Marketing/Comms, HSEQ, IT and Head Office Support; through to all our site teams working at the coal face”.
We are beyond thrilled to be awarded the “National Residential Builder of the Year” for our Forrest Residence.
Congratulations to Danny, Scott and the whole team on this magnificent achievement.
A shout out also to Architects Ring & Associates, the Dept. of Design and all our trades for such an awesome collaboration; and lastly – THANK YOU – to our fabulous clients—who chose Manteena for this spectacular journey.

Another huge night for our Forrest residence…winning numerous Housing Industry Associations (HIA) awards:

Again – congratulations to to our Residential team for all your hard work and dedication and for all the industry accolades you are now receiving!

Manteena Residential has taken out the top honour at the 2021 Master Builders ACT – Excellence in Building Awards.

The Tennyson Crescent project scoped the pool with 4 awards on the night:

  1. Home of the Year 2021
  2. Custom Built / Project Home more than $2m
  3. Bathroom more than $30,000
  4. Kitchen more than $100,000

Danny Agnello, Operations Manager, Residential said, “we are incredibly honoured and proud of this magnificent achievement. It’s such an amazing home for some very special and amazing clients”.

“I’m super proud of the team and what we have achieved. And importantly, it was such great collaboration with Architects Ring & Associates and The Dept. of Design”.

Congratulations to the team of: Danny, Scott, Anthony and Barrie!

Manteena Residential takes out a double at the 2020 HIA ACT/Southern NSW Housing Awards — winning the Heritage Renovation Project of the Year.

more to come…

Manteena Residential, Dept. of Design and Architects Ring & Associates have been awarded a Judges Commendation for the Custom Built/Project Home more than $2million category, in the 2020 Master Builders Excellence Awards. The judging team were impressed by the with the variety of materials used throughout the home’s interior and the high quality in which it was delivered.

Congratulations to the construction team of: Danny, Anthony, Al, Barrie, Mark, Same, Liam, Lewis and Chris!

Congratulations to the team of: Danny, Anthony, Adam, Lewis, Liam, Emma, Mark, Chris, Barrie, Matty, Sam, Aiden and Kasper!

Manteena Residential’s Ebden Street Ainslie project has won the 2020 ACT & Southern NSW HIA Housing Award for Renovation/Addition Project of the Year and category winner of Renovation/Addition Project Over $650,000.

The Ainslie residence included the renovation of the existing 1940’s Cottage located on the site, and the addition of a significant pavilion extension and carport. While not formally heritage listed, the client was keen to retain the Cottage which was run down, but charming and with “good bones”.

There was a desire to respect and retain the streetscape character, which attracted the owners to the location, and also completed an addition which is unashamedly modern, and yet sympathetic to the setting in terms of scale, siting, and materiality.

Overall to client took five years from purchase to tender to develop the design and documentation of the project, and then pursued a traditional lump sum contact model to ensure the scope and requirements were clearly documented in detail, to ensure the desired design intent and quality were readily understood and delivered by the builder. Manteena successfully bid for the project by demonstrating an clear understanding of the client’s objectives and willingness to undertake a collaborative working arrangement.