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We are thrilled to announce that Manteena, in collaboration with Architects Ring & Associates and Archertec Interiors, has been awarded the MBA ACT ‘House of the Year’ for our Deakin project at the 2023 Master Builders ACT and Asset Construction Hire Building Excellence Awards.

This accolade speaks to the devotion, craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail our residential team and building partners poured into this ambitious project.

Unmatched Craftsmanship in Every Corner

A home’s soul lies in its details. Every room, corner and element in the Deakin project whispers a story of unparalleled craftsmanship. The show-stealer was undeniably the handcrafted staircase, which stands as a testament to precision, having been delivered to the millimetre. The process of creating each timber stair tread required on-site templating followed by off-site manufacturing. It is this precision that can be observed throughout every nook and cranny of the house.

From brick corbelling, intricate parapets, elegant wainscoting and detailed cornices & skirting boards; the dedication to preserving master craftsmanship is evidently felt.

Innovation and Global Inspiration

This home wasn’t just built; it was curated. The wrought-iron balustrades, painted to mirror the finish of the aluminium window frames, bring a touch of vintage elegance. In a harmonious blend of local craftsmanship and global aesthetics; chandeliers, pendants and wall lights were handpicked and sourced through the homeowner’s European connections.

Our approach to design was both aesthetic and functional. Flooring direction was meticulously planned to softly separate the rooms, allowing them to seamlessly connect. The consistent high-quality visible throughout the house was achieved through weekly team meetings, specialised workshops and creating prototypes to finalise key details.

Beyond Design: Adaptability in Focus

One of the standout features of this project was the team’s adaptability. The team capitalised on voids identified during the modelling phase. Our innovative team then transformed these spaces into practical storage drawers and introduced a laundry chute to the floor below, optimising every inch of the residence.

A Symphony of Collaboration

This project stands as a symphony of collaboration between Manteena, Architects Ring & Associates, and Archertec Interiors. The outcome? An architectural marvel of finely detailed architecture and bespoke modelling, rendering a house that’s not just a dwelling but a work of art.

Please note a 3 month extension has been granted to all workers in the construction industry to complete their mandatory training.

Training must be complete by 1 October 2023 to allow continuation of work on site.

Manteena encourages all subcontractors working in the ACT to continue to actively book Silica Awareness Training (10830NAT – Course in Crystalline Silica Exposure Prevention) through an approved training provider to ensure seamless continuation of work post 30 September 2023.

Manteena is proud to announce that we have re-signed the Soldier On Pledge for 2023 as an outstanding Platinum Pledge Partner.

In signing the Pledge, we continue to support Soldier On in its commitment to the veteran community, enabling more veterans and their families to secure their future careers.


Construction can be dangerous. From working at heights, to operating plant and equipment, and using power tools, one look at your Project Hazard Register should tell you just how dangerous it can be.

Manteena’s commitment to creating the safest construction sites possible, and mitigating risks ranging from projects such as office refurbishments, through to complex works on Christmas Island and across the Pacific has been a task HSEQ Manager Anthony Hughes (Hughesy) has been involved in since 2008.

As a former Carpenter, Hughesy is very familiar with the cuts, broken bones, minor electrocutions and more severe injuries that come from unsafe construction sites. This awareness and appreciation for the requirement of safe working environments is what inevitably led him to a career in Safety.

So, why safety?

I love construction so being able to be on different sites every day and around different projects makes my job really enjoyable.

As for safety specifically, I have always found it interesting and it’s always changing. Over the years I would say I have been able to inject my own personality into the way we adopt safety on our sites and that has been rewarding.

How would you explain safety?

It’s just problem solving. You work through the methodologies, identify the potential problems (risks/hazards) and find a way to ensure a safe outcome.

We aim to eliminate any risks or hazards we can, and reduce the likelihood of those we can’t eliminate completely. It protects those working on site and anyone who may be in the area at any given time.

What is the Manteena approach to safety like?

We have a unique approach to safety. We like to collaborate with our subcontractors to reduce risks rather than just enforcing safety requirements when they arrive on site. If we think something needs to be worked through, our project and safety teams work directly with those subcontractors and clients to ensure the safe outcome rather than just saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in regard to their solution or documentation.

Overall, I think we are very honest with safety. Sometimes it means our trades assume we are being hard on them when it comes to safety but it has led to a very good safety record overall and we are proud to maintain that.

Through our ISO and OFSC accreditation we have every accreditation needed to complete any job and that allows our teams and clients to be confident we can deliver the work from a safety point of view.

What would you tell anyone considering a job in safety?

Safety officers seem to be becoming rarer and that is disappointing. I think it is a great career path with a wealth of opportunity. Doing things safely is harder so being able to work with project teams and trades to come up with solutions to ensure safe outcomes while still delivering a high quality project on time is really rewarding. No two days are ever the same and you will rarely be bored in your career!

The most successful projects come from a great, collaborative relationship between builder, architect, contractors, consultants and clients. Fortunately for Manteena, our teams have developed fantastic, long-term relationships with a number of architects across Commercial, Security and Residential.

In the Residential space, our team has been working with Terry Ring from Architects Ring & Associates, and the wider team, since 2016 when they joined forces for a project on National Circuit.

The role of an architect is seen to be largely artistic. Terry notes his focus tends to be on the look; “I care about the look of the final product and giving the client what they have been dreaming of, while also contributing to the streetscape. Our job is to ‘design for the people’ and sell a concept, not a product.”

Working collaboratively and having input from the architect and the builders from the beginning has made the process far more seamless for Architects Ring & Associates and Manteena, with high quality outcomes which helped win 2021 Home of the Year with Tennyson Crescent.

“When you have the engineer, architect, builder, client and interior designer all in the one room you balance each other out and all problems can be addressed straight away, whether it is from a cost, buildability or design perspective. We love being involved from the ‘ground floor’ (straight off the bat) and have had great outcomes when engaged from the initial concept phase. The differing perspectives available when we work collaboratively as a project team always provide the best outcomes for the client,” says Residential Operations Manager Danny Agnello.

The Synergy between Manteena and Architects Ring & Associates is clear in their ability to produce outstanding homes that exceed client’s expectations, with a balance of incredible design, buildability and budget management.

“Our strengths balance each other’s weaknesses,” says Terry. “The Residential team are excellent with managing the client budget and finding solutions to a concept that fit into an overall budget. Home design is incredibly personal, there is so much angst and it is really important that we understand and acknowledge the amount of emotional investment that goes into creating these homes. Danny [Manteena] has a great eye and understands and buys into the overall vision of a design which is incredibly helpful in managing the budget and delivering a beautifully designed and functional home.”

When asked why Terry enjoys working with Danny, Scott and the Residential team so much, he mentions “the quality of Manteena’s product, and the communication, professionalism and loyalty that Manteena possess. The team are problem solvers and I have huge admiration for their determination to succeed in the residential space.”

In asking Danny the same question about Terry and the Architects Ring & Associates team, Danny references “the collaborative nature of Terry and the way he is always approachable and open to working through problem solving solutions together. He is so incredibly passionate about what he does and that is what makes him an excellent architect. We have a great relationship built on trust and it makes the process really enjoyable for all of us.”

As for what’s to come, you’ll have to wait and see as Manteena Residential and Architects Ring & Associates continue to work together on designing and building high quality, luxury homes for our clients.

Modular construction has been on the rise over the last 5 years, growing from a concept used largely for demountable classrooms in schools, to now a significant and specialised area of the construction industry.

At Manteena, our experience with modular construction continues to grow, especially in the security space where it is now recognised as a core capability of Manteena Security.

So, what is modular construction?

The terminology involved in modular construction can sometimes be confused, so let’s start at the top.

Prefabrication is the general offsite construction of materials for onsite construction. For example, wall structures can be prefabricated offsite and joined together onsite to create the structure of the building.

Modular construction is the overarching term used to describe offsite construction, and prefabrication is likely to be involved in modular construction. In general terms, the process of modularisation involves the construction of an entire building, significant components of a building, or smaller sections of a building in factory like conditions off-site. These elements are often pre-tested and commissioned in these factories to the same standards and codes as traditional methods. The ‘modules’ are then brought together on site to create the whole facility, typically in an accelerated program compared to that of traditional construction techniques.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) is the design philosophy behind prefabrication that stresses a holistic view of the prefabrication and modular construction processes. It takes into account the design of individual elements and the completed structure, but focuses on how the elements will be connected to make the structure.

There are a few key ways in which modular construction tends to be adopted. 2D modular construction is essentially the equivalent of a flat pack. The components are prefabricated to specification offsite and then installed onsite, this is the type of Modular construction that Manteena regularly utilises.

3D, or volumetric, modular construction is where the systems are fully assembled offsite and transported as a finished product to the final location, generally in modules which are connected together onsite. This includes the modularised shooting ranges delivered under the Zeroed capability.

There are also hybrid models that take the best from both 2D and 3D, which we employ in remote locations where there is a trade-off between shipping cost and the efficiency of sending finishing trades to site.

The key benefits of modular construction over brick-and-mortar builds tend to vary based on the context of the project. However, the major benefits are as follows:

Time on site

The prefabrication and DfMA nature of modular construction means the average time on site is significantly reduced. This results in less overall impact to a site, especially where sites are still operational (such as offices, schools and operational Government facilities). It also allows for activities to be undertaken simultaneously i.e., offsite module manufacture occurs in parallel to onsite preparation activities such as civil or service works, overall leading to a net reduction in project duration.

An example of this benefit is the COVID-19 hospital in Canberra, which was designed and built in 36 days. This was a hybrid between offsite and onsite construction where wall structures and other key elements were prefabricated offsite to save as much time as possible during onsite construction.


With most of the construction occurring in controlled factory environments rather than insitu onsite constraints, safety is better able to be controlled including use of factory lifting facilities, ready access to tools and other input resources to minimise lost labour time and safety.

Cost effectiveness

In a number of circumstances, modular construction can be more cost effective. This is especially true in regional and remote areas where costs of having trades on site for extended periods of time can be cost prohibitive to a project.


The redeployable nature of modular facilities creates additional advantages over conventionally constructed facilities. The ability to temporarily set up a facility where and as required, and move it upon completion, creates a level of accessibility and offering that has not been available in the construction industry before. It also provides significant benefit in a changing operational context such as high security and Defence applications, where a use-case will change relatively quickly over the building’s lifecycle, and continued ability to reconfigure a building is a significant value add and capability enhancer.

Quality Management

Since modular construction is completed within a controlled and dedicated manufacturing environment, and every aspect of the build is pre-planned and pre-tested, there are fewer variables to account for i.e., inclement weather or site conditions, and a higher degree of certainty on achieving operational readiness on site. This leads to a higher level of quality control overlay and management compared to conventional construction techniques.

In the Security space, Modular construction plays an integral part to guaranteeing highly complex and secure outcomes, especially in remote and international locations. The components of modular construction ensures high quality security solutions that meet Australian manufacture and trade requirements are available, regardless of where the project is located.

“Manteena Security have delivered highly complex modular solutions to some of the most remote locations around the world in support of Australia global strategic footprint. Our ability to meet tight-time frames, to the highest level of quality, and guarantee operational readiness in support Australia’s national interests has led to our role as a leader of modular solutions in this space and a partner of choice to many Government clients and our international partners.” 

Peita de Boer – Director

As the requirement for secure facilities to support Australia’s strategic interests grows, so too will the need for modular construction in this space. Manteena has several modular solutions for the high security space which offer pre-validated high security solutions which are cost effective and minimise disruption to clients premises by minimising onsite installation time.

When it comes to supporting Defence and law enforcement capability, the ARCAS Modular shooting range was launched in Australia in 2021. On top of the key benefits of general modular construction, benefits of modular shooting ranges include:

The ARCAS solution offer by Zeroed | Australian Shooting Range Solutions in Australia, in collaboration with Action Target, is further supported by other modular capabilities in the Defence and Police training space including 2D modular shoot houses and containerised armoury and ammunition storage systems.

“Modular ranges, shoot houses (CQB’s) and armouries provide an advanced capability for the growing requirement within Australia when it comes to deployable infrastructure to meet the needs of Defence and Police end-users.

  Dan Knight – General Manager of Zeroed

Our focus on supporting Australian Government capability in the Defence and security space with modular solutions has naturally grown to other areas. Any project that has either a high degree of complexity, time pressures, or logistics challenges may benefit from modularisation. We have developed modular heath facilities in short time-frames, modular data-centres, accommodation to support mega projects such as the Snowy 2.0 project, and Australian Aid projects across the Pacific and SE Asia.

With growing labour challenges across the industry, the increasing time pressures and the incorporation of more complex services and automation in buildings, the benefit of off-site manufacture of all or most of a building’s elements will continue to increase.

Manteena and Zeroed will be at the forefront of this as we continue to support our clients’ requirements around Australia and the world.

We are excited to announce the re-signing of our Australian partnership with Action Target, a world leader in modern shooting range equipment.
Through our partnership to date we are proud to have been involved in the delivery of numerous shooting range facilities across Law Enforcement and Defence industry. These ranges have provided some of the most versatile and advanced live-fire training environments ever seen on Australian soil and are highly regarded on a world-stage.
Zeroed thank Action Target for their continued support as we grow this capability from strength to strength.
Reach us at or

The Manteena Security team has hit the ground running in 2022 with construction works being undertaken across the country in: Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth & Christmas Island; plus, overseas in: PNG, East Timor and Poland.

Locally we are currently working in Old Parliament House, Parliament House, the Royal Australian Mint and for a number of private sector clients.

Leading these construction activities is Operations Manager, Maurice Flynn, who joined Manteena in 2021. Maurice brings together more than 30 years of international and local construction experience, with extensive understanding of secure government office fitout. Throughout Maurice’s career he has managed a range of successful projects across Ireland, England and Germany and over 15 years based in Australia. Maurice has substantial experience working with a wide variety of different cultures, clients and co-workers and is an accredited construction focused mediator. Prior to joining Manteena, Maurice held senior construction positions at Lendlease UX and St Hilliers.

Manteena is delighted to announce that it has achieved ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). The certification and audit process was conducted by Equal Assurance.

ISO 27001 is a system of processes, documents, technology and people to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, through a risk management process that guarantees the safe processing of data, thus providing peace of mind and building trust among all stakeholders.

Gareth Hunt, the Business Systems Manager for Manteena explains, “This certification provides high level validation of Manteena’s information storage and management practices across our Security and Commercial areas of the business”.

“It also provides clients with validation that their information is secure”.

Andrew Kemp, Manteena Security General Manager added, “We are now a construction industry leader with this certification, reinforcing Manteena as a frontrunner in delivery of security outcomes”.

The ISO 27001 certification further compliments Manteena’s recently acquired Department of Defence DISP accreditation and ISO31000 Risk Management certification.

COVID Plan Induction
All contractors returning to work on a Manteena commercial building site must complete the online COVID Plan Induction at: