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Manteena is proud to announce that we have re-signed the Soldier On Pledge for 2023 as an outstanding Platinum Pledge Partner.

In signing the Pledge, we continue to support Soldier On in its commitment to the veteran community, enabling more veterans and their families to secure their future careers.


Manteena is proud to announce that we’ve signed The Soldier On Pledge, and is now recognised as a Gold level Pledge Partner.

We are doing everything we can to enable more veterans and their families to find long-term meaningful careers, in collaboration with Soldier On’s Pathways program.

Established in 2012, Soldier On is a not-for-profit veteran support organisation delivering a range of early intervention services to veterans and their families in multiple locations across Australia. Soldier On provides a holistic model of support, focusing on Health and wellbeing, Employment Support, Learning and Education programs and Participation and Social Connection. Whether Australian veterans or their family members need to access services in one or all four areas, our staff are here to HELP them connect with others and enable them to thrive through tailored programs.