At Manteena Commercial, we’ll build whatever your organisation needs – from innovative and energy efficient commercial buildings through to office spaces that are functional, on-trend and always customer friendly.

We’ve built offices, schools, aged care, medical, health clubs & pools, multi-unit residential, galleries, churches, sporting facilities, memorials as well as minor works projects – the list goes on. It’s this vast experience that benefits our clients every day.

Manteena Commercial is the safe pair of hands you can trust with your next construction project, whether it’s big or small, government or private. And because we’re a highly collaborative firm, we’ll always ensure you’re kept in the loop throughout the construction process.

So let’s build something strong, together. But first, read on and get to know us better.





We can provide a wide array of services and expertise for any stage of your project, from early contractor involvement through to building remediation services. Or if you’d rather we manage the entire project from start to finish – no problem.

So, what’s the secret to the high standard of services we provide? For starters, we hire some of the brightest sparks in our industry. And then we team them up, with the complementary skills necessary, to be a perfect fit for your project.

Add to this our friendly, collaborative approach and specialist knowledge, and we’re sure you’ll be as pleased by the smooth construction process as the finished building itself.

Every project we undertake includes:

  • On-site WHS management
  • Program and cost management
  • Project construction management

  • Quality management
  • Environmental management

  • Traffic management
  • Detailed project reporting

And when your project’s finished, we’ll make sure you’re happy by undertaking these post-construction services:

  • Comprehensive close out of defects during the defects liability period
  • Provision of a comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Client training, where applicable
  • Lessons Learnt workshop

Early Contractor Involement

Contractor Involvement

This collaborative approach ensures your project benefits from our specialist construction knowledge during the design stage, when informed, effective decision making is vital. Better still, our contractors add value by developing innovative solutions for tight building programs, budgets and other constraints.

Design and Construct

Design &

Manteena acts as the single point of responsibility for all aspects of your project, reducing conflicts, delays and costs. By streamlining communication between the architect and construction team, we’ll save you time and money by identifying potential problems before construction starts, as well as helping to keep the project on budget and on schedule.

Lump Sum Contracting

Lump Sum

This option offers you the peace of mind that comes with price certainty. Put simply, we agree on either a fixed lump sum total for your project, or a guaranteed maximum price with the possibility of savings. We’ll take care of all the details, including your project’s budget, procurement, scheduling, and quality management.

Project and Construction Management

Project &
Construction Management

If required, we can deliver your project in its entirety, from concept to completion – working with you as much as you wish to be involved. It’s a cost-effective approach in which we work with everyone on the project, from consultants and architects through to trade contractors. We combine the latest technology with our expertise and experience to streamline management processes. And at every opportunity, we’ll reduce your project costs and improve efficiencies, all the while maintaining our high standard of work via rigorous quality processes.

Guaranteed Maximum Price

Maximum Price

If you’d prefer to cap the budget of your project, we’ll work with you to maximise efficiencies and deliver your building on budget and on schedule. If there are cost savings resulting from efficient programming or improved supplier/trade pricing, we can help find them.

Building Remediation and Waterproofing

Building Remediation &

We’ll bring our next-level expertise and professionalism to bear on your remedial project – starting with a full investigation and detailed assessment of the defective areas. We’ll then recommend the most suitable remedial action for your situation. And you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of a warranty on our work, so you know we’ll look after you, even in the long term.

Strategic Construction Project Planning

Strategic Construction
Project Planning

Let our construction experts develop a plan which outlines the critical tasks and resource allocation anticipated to get your project up and running.

Input into the Development of User Briefs

Input into the
Development of User Briefs

We’ll work with you to establish your goals and objectives, and help you determine your project’s specifications.

Management of Design Teams

Management of Design Teams –
When Novated to Manteena

This collaborative approach ensures your project benefits from our specialist construction knowledge during the design stage, when informed, effective decision making is vital. Better still, our contractors add value by developing innovative solutions for tight building programs, budgets and other constraints.

Risk Analysis and Mitigation Strategies

Risk Analysis &
Mitigation Strategies

With hundreds of completed projects under our belt, we’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of the risks in construction. We know how to treat risk to reduce the likelihood of it impacting your project.

Constructability and Material Evaluation

Constructability &
Material Evaluation

Before we break ground on your project, we’ll dissect the architectural drawings and review the materials selection in order to identify efficiencies and, ultimately, provide you with the best value for money.

Construction Methodology and Review

Methodology & Review

After analysing your project’s construction process from every angle, we’ll develop the most efficient building methodology to meet your time requirements.

Construction Methodology and Review

Tendering &
Procurement Strategy

We’ll account for every element of the project, excluding unnecessary double-ups in the scope of works packages for each trade. The procurement strategy for each element ensures the timely delivery of materials and resources to site, improving cash flow and keeping works progressing at a steady pace.

Builders Order of Probable Costs

Builders Order
of Probable Costs

Need to know if your preliminary plans are within budget? We can provide an estimate of costs based on our up-to-date knowledge of industry rates within our local market.

Value Engineering


Is your project over budget? We can help you find savings opportunities within your build by offering options for alternative materials and suppliers, as well as re-design or building solutions, all without sacrificing on quality.


At Manteena, we’re big on giving back to the community we live and work in. That’s why we’re proud to contribute sponsorships, donations, expertise and materials to a number of charities in the Canberra region.


The People Who Make Manteena

When you work with Manteena’s team, you’ll notice the difference. From the top down, the talented individuals who make up our team excel in their respective areas of expertise. It all boils down to a simple formula – by fielding the best people, we consistently deliver the best services.

Leadership Team

Our senior management team aren’t just figureheads. They’re hands-on experts who lend their considerable experience to our clients’ projects on a daily basis. And they’re all based in Canberra, so they’ll be close at hand when you need them.

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