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Australian Federal Police


February 2022



Delivery Method

Managing Contractor

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TSA (Xact)

In response to an increased threat environment, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) undertook vulnerability assessments of its sites around Australia. These vulnerability assessments identified that there is a need for strengthening of the measures required to protect the AFP workforce. The AFP considers the primary responsibility of the leadership group is to provide an appropriate level of protection for its workforce.

The AFP sites require strengthening to reduce the threat of unauthorised pedestrian and vehicular access, reduce the potential for Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack, and improved systems to respond to security incidents. The intruder resistance improvements include prevention of initial intrusion, increased ability to isolate an intruder between floors and improved systems to lock down, monitor and control access.

Manteena was contracted by the AFP as managing contractor to deliver construction services for the Facilities Security Enhancement Project (FSEP). Manteena was also responsible for the coordination of those works within operational AFP environments to minimise, to the extent practicable, the impact of upgrade works on AFP operations.

The MSAPL project delivery strategy grouped the project by eight sites:

  • Majura
  • Edmund Barton Building
  • Barton College
  • Sydney Regional Office
  • Adelaide Aviation Facilities
  • Melbourne Regional Office
  • Perth Regional Office
  • Brisbane Aviation Facilities

The scope of works for the upgrade of Physical Security across each AFP site included, but was not limited to:

  • Upgrade CCTV coverage and enhance monitoring system capability, including establishment of a secondary (emergency management) access system
  • Blast Analysis and mitigation for open/public foyer areas and at risk locations
  • Upgrade electronic Alarm monitoring and Duress Response systems
  • Upgrade electronic Access Control Systems, including isolation points at perimeter entry locations
  • Enhance physical control points, increasing protective measures on Guard Boxes
  • Establishing a Secondary Security Centre with the ability to override and lockdown primary response systems
  • Improve external perimeter security to enhance stand-off and effectively limit/control access at perimeter entry locations
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