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ACT Government - Department of Education


November 2004



Delivery Method

Construction Management

Constructed as the final and third stage in the development of a new integrated primary, middle and high school complex to encourage smooth transitions through primary and secondary education stages.

The client department had very specific objectives for the degree of robustness needed in a school environment, as well as mandatory requirements for reducing costs in use through greater sustainability and reduced maintenance and energy costs. The project team were tasked to provide options for best value within the context of a modest budget while still achieving latest technology and curriculum initiatives.

The Stage 3 building works associated with the construction of the Middle & Senior School included considerable ESD initiatives have been incorporated into the design including: in-slab hot water heating with high density flexible polyethylene piping of the entire school to minimise mechanical services; wide roof overhangs and highlights to protect from and make best use of available natural light and automated operation of high level windows to purge hot air on sensor activation; underground rainwater tanks for collection of roof water runoff for reuse for toilet flushing, external hose taps and irrigation to internal courtyards and the reduction of water consumption through use of low flow tapware; swale dispersal of stormwater run-off from paved areas to reduce load on stormwater system; and application of a wind turbine, photovoltaic cells and solar panels to power and heat the whole of the Science and Arts Building.

An economical structural system comprising reinforced concrete slabs on ground with structural steel framing was used.

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