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June 2018



Delivery Method

GC21 Design & Construct

Following several tragic events around the world involving the flammability of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP), the ACT Government undertook a review of assets across their portfolio to determine the extent of ACP’s used in public buildings here in the ACT and to develop a strategy to adequately address the risks associated with these products.

The Centenary Woman’s and Children Hospital (CWCH) at the Canberra Hospital was identified as containing ACP’s and a subsequent risk assessment recommended that several of the panels be replaced with panels that comply with current legislative requirements.

The CWCH is a 4-story building with mixed uses from Storage (class7b), Patient Care and treatment wards (class 9a), Offices (class 5) and Family Accommodation (class 3). The building was to remain occupied throughout the remedial works as well as maintaining existing passive and active fire prevention measures.

Manteena were required to engage with a Building Certifier, the ACT Fire Brigade and a Façade and Fire Engineer to work with our team in developing a strategy to replace the non-conforming panels with new compliant panels. The team investigated possible options for the new panels ensuring that these panels meet the Deemed to Satisfy requirements of the BCA.

Once the design and materials were approved, the panels were replaced in a staged program around the building. This included erection of scaffold, removal of existing panels, measuring and ordering of new panels and eventual replacement with concealed mechanically fixed panels.

The project was successfully completed three weeks ahead of schedule without incident, accident or issues affecting patient care or day-to-day hospital operations.

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