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Edmund Rice College


May 2014



Delivery Method

Lump Sum


Graham, Bell & Bowman Architects

This multi-purpose sports building comprises 2 levels of building structure approximately 2,200m2.

Ground Floor

  • Entry Foyer/Reception
  • Stairs and Lift
  • Kitchenette
  • PE/Foyer Equipment Store (Store 1)
  • Office & First Aid
  • Unisex Staff Shower & Change
  • Unisex Access Toilet & Shower
  • Communications Room
  • Cleaners Store
  • Public Toilets (Male & Female)
  • Electrical Switch Room
  • Main Hall
  • PE/Hall Equipment Store (Store 2)
  • Stage
  • Movement/Drama Room
  • Drama Room Store

Mezzanine Level

  • Fitness Centre
  • Fitness Centre Store
  • Staff Office
  • Control Room
  • General Purpose Learning Area

The building is founded on piles and consists of: conventional reinforced concrete systems for slabs, beams and columns; steel columns and roof structure; and steels frame facade.

The cladding system comprises facade blockwork, metal cladding and fibre cement, aluminium framed glazed windows and sunscreens and Ritek metal deck roofing.

The fitout includes a fully integrated fitout to the whole building.

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