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ACT Government - Department of Education


December 2008



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Guida Moseley Brown Architects

Built on the site of the demolished Ginninderra District High School (Block 1, Section 48 in Holt, ACT), the West Belconnen Regional School project formed part of a government policy aimed at updating and improving the delivery of education in Canberra. The school is designed to function as an integrated Pre-school to Year 10, providing a linear progression in curriculum & development for students.

The scope of the project included the construction of a library/resource centre, general study areas & classrooms, science & design technology facilities, visual & performing arts, physical education facilities and state-of-the-art synthetic sports oval, school canteen and eating areas, plus administration and support facilities for the complex.

Manteena was able to achieve several savings in both cost & time. For example, by splitting key trades such as structural steel & brickwork and engaging multiple contractors, works were accelerated. Also, through the selection of alternative building products, such as Klip-lok roof sheeting, cost savings were realised. These actions resulted in the project being completed under budget and ahead of schedule–with a significant portion of the project budget returned to the client.

The school includes a number of sound Ecologically Sustainable Development principles such as: rainwater collection from each roof & storage in two 115,000 litre underground rainwater tanks which is then used for landscaping irrigation, toilet flushing & other non-potable water uses; solar panels installation to provide hot water; and each building is constructed to maximise natural sunlight & ventilation through the inclusion of clerestory windows to provide natural indirect sunlight in each building whilst sun screens & extended eaves prevent direct sunlight shining into classrooms. Glazed airlocks have been installed to the entry points of each building, to maximise efficiency of heating & cooling systems.

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