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National Gallery of Australia


August 2010



Delivery Method

Design & Construct

The brief was to develop a concept for the Gallery Shop that was commensurate with its location within the iconic National Gallery of Australia. The desired aesthetic was one of elegant simplicity, with the use of quality materials and finishes creating a timeless aesthetic, while acting as a canvas for the changing displays and merchandise.

From the outset it was identified as paramount that the Gallery Shop be commensurate with the surrounding aesthetic of the Gallery. This was achieved through the use of neutral wall finishes, matching those throughout the Gallery.

The timber dowel ceiling is a similar detail to that used above the Aboriginal Memorial, adjacent to the shop.

The cloakroom is a black box element that extends into the postcard and magnet section of the shop, fully integrating these two amenities.

The service counter proved a real challenge, with the coordination of the resin manufacture being paramount to its success. The postcard and magnet display wall is also successful, with hidden storage incorporated. The development of the feature rear display wall was a lengthy process, with prototypes developed to test various options, resulting in a striking display area.

The Scope of Works included:

  • Confirmation of the brief with the client, through meetings with the relevant stakeholders.
  • Concept Design and detailed Design Development of the Gallery Shop fixtures and fittings.
  • Documentation, fabrication and installation of the shop fixtures and fittings.

The floor of the shop is concrete finished with durafloor, with an additional felt floor mat behind the service counter for staff comfort.

The walls are neutral, either an ‘off-white’ paint finish or natural concrete, to best contrast the adjacent fixtures.

Glazing and perspex are used both as shelves and display cases, to create transparency where required.

The ceiling is a sweeping form made up of timber dowels, providing a clear direction towards the rear of the shop.

The main feature joinery piece is the service counter, which is constructed using a resin product in a vibrant mustard yellow – providing the inherent flexibility to achieve such a modular shape. The display plinths are constructed from laminated board, to provide a hard wearing surface, with perspex display boxes for flexibility.

The bookshelves have a powder-coated finish with slanted shelves to maximize their efficiency.

The jewellery display cases are predominantly glazed with glass shelves and sides to ensure visibility.

The feature rear wall display unit, incorporates a solid shelving unit at the base with a rear lit glazed shelving section above, providing a distinctive glowing display area.

The poster display unit incorporated a proprietary display housing within the joinery unit. The wrapping paper and textile display units are very simple but effective with the use of steel rods to drape the items over.

The works were completed in 5 weeks.

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