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Tennyson Crescent Forrest Residence


October 2020


Architects Ring & Associates


Dept. of Design

Structural Engineer





Harris Hobbs

Manteena were engaged under a construction management model.
Work began immediately on the design coordination and finalisation process with Manteena providing critical design input and buildability advice to the design team during the design phase and throughout construction.

The structure of the house is complex. As such, Manteena decided to model the whole structure in-house to ensure everything from the architectural, structural and interiors perspectives were coordinated before building commenced.

The model evolved throughout the construction as the design advanced, but it proved to be invaluable tool for resolving a lot of the details and interfaces—avoiding any costly fixes. The model was also used to review and approve shop drawings for windows, structural steel, wall frames and trusses.

The house is packed full of the most modern technology integrated within the house. The team started planning and scoping meetings with key trades prior to construction to ensure sufficient plantroom and services reticulation space, which is often overlooked in modern designs. Key design changes included items such as a dedicated ‘wet service’ and plantroom to house the pool, spa, pond, domestic hot water, bore water treatment and rainwater re-use equipment.

The Dolby Atmos theatre is a highly bespoke room that required significant attention. An early client request was to ensure that the proportions of the room were to be optimised for a great theatre experience. As construction progressed the client decided to upgrade the acoustic attenuation of the room therefore concrete walls and a concrete roof were added to help prevent sound travelling throughout the house. The whole of the room was also acoustically lined to make the space as acoustically ‘dead’ as possible to enhance the experience. The result is a 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos set up with a native 4K projector that is arguably better than going to the movies in a commercial cinema.

Using the latest Daikin VRV air-conditioning technology, the home has individual indoor units for each room. This gives ultimate control and energy efficiency as you only condition the room/s you are occupying. The 18 indoor units are linked to 4 outdoor condenser sets which are located at the rear of the property, so they are not seen or heard.

The roof top terrace sits atop of the main living room and is the highest point of the house. The team used drone technology to investigate various locations and heights to ensure the best possible view, whilst maintaining building envelope restrictions. As the terrace is over a habitable area a lot of engineering and workshopping went into the design of the slab, membrane system, screed and tiling to help ensure there are no long-term issues.

Consideration was also given to cantilever umbrella’s, roof top spa and furniture. The end result is best summed up with a quote from the client ‘Manteena went above and beyond in every way – me and my family could not be happier – amazing!

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