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ZEROED by Manteena

ZEROED by Manteena is Australia’s premier contractor and partner of choice for shooting range and live-fire training facilities. As a Nationally awarded and recognised specialist builder, ZEROED by Manteena offers an industry leading capability for the design support, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of advanced shooting range products and services. Our capability caters to training needs and requirements demanded by a diverse client base including Defence, Law Enforcement and Commercial groups.

National Coverage

Unique and integrated turn-key design, in house manufacture and installation capability Australia wide.

Australian Compliant

Manteena works closely with engineers and designers to develop Australian compliant solutions, including range layout and design services, air ventilation engineering and on-going maintenance and servicing support.

Specialist Solutions

Supplier of shooting range solutions for law enforcement agencies, Defence and Commercial groups.

Australian Compliant Solutions
  • Bullet Traps
  • Turning Targets
  • Running Man Targets
  • Mechanical Steel Targets
  • Target Retrievers
  • AutoTargets™
  • Range Control Systems
  • Shooting Stalls
  • Safety Baffles
  • Shoot Houses
  • Sound Abatement
  • Custom Solutions

Turnkey solutions for commercial and private ranges



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Shooting stalls

Diverse shooting stalls with the highest safety ratings and most customisable options.

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State & Federal Police - law enforcement & tactical target systems

“We understand the complex and critical challenges our law enforcement and military clients must train for, and have built a team of knowledgeable and skilled professionals to bring you the best products and custom solutions possible to fit the unique needs of your field”. – Action Target

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Pro target systems

Available in a number of configurations, Action Target’s high speed, independently-controlled turning target systems are built to ensure your team’s success.

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Defence - advanced military facilities & tactical target systems

Military range products designed to:

  • keep supervisors, trainees, and those outside of the shooting range safe
  • be customisable and modular in most instances
  • provide audible and/or visual feedback
  • be user-friendly to operate and maintain
  • train for realistic situations like moving threats, close quarter skills, and breaching

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Build your range in the customer designer

ZEROED by Manteena can help you build the right range for your unique needs. Whether you are building a commercial range that caters to casual or tactical training or a law enforcement range to better prepare your officers, we can help you meet the challenges of building a range.

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