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About Zeroed

ZEROED by Manteena is Australia’s premier contractor and partner of choice for shooting range and live-fire training facilities. As a Nationally awarded and recognised specialist builder, ZEROED by Manteena offers an industry leading capability for the design support, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of advanced shooting range products and services. Our capability caters to training needs and requirements demanded by a diverse client base including Defence, Law Enforcement and Commercial groups.

Exclusive Distributor

Unique and integrated turn-key design, in house manufacture and installation capability Australia wide.

Australian Compliant

Manteena works closely with engineers and designers to develop Australian compliant solutions, including range layout and design services, air ventilation engineering and on-going maintenance and servicing support.

Specialist solutions

Supplier of shooting range solutions for law enforcement agencies, Defence and Commercial groups.

Australian Compliant Solutions (click)
  • Bullet Traps
  • Turning Targets
  • Running Man Targets
  • Mechanical Steel Targets
  • Target Retrievers
  • AutoTargets™
  • Range Control Systems
  • Shooting Stalls
  • Safety Baffles
  • Shoot Houses
  • Sound Abatement
  • Custom Solutions

Law Enforcement
Training Facilities

Law Enforcement Training Solutions

Steel Decelerator Bullet Trap

The Total Containment Trap™ (TCT) is the safest, strongest, and most eco-friendly bullet trap in the world. It provides complete ballistic coverage making it ideal for fixed firing line and tactical training ranges. The TCT requires minimal maintenance and is equipped with the most efficient lead collection system available, keeping shooters, employees, and the environment safe.

Turning Target Systems

Available in a number of configurations, our high speed, independently-controlled turning target systems are built to ensure your team’s success. Utilising state-of-the-art wireless controls, your instructors can be on the line with shooters giving them true freedom to operate and direct training.

Range Control Systems

Various range control systems to suit user needs. Fully customisable and confirgurable systems from simplehand held model to complex command centres – targets can be controlled individually, all at once, or in various groupings, and can even interface with lights, fans, and audio systems.

Lateral Target Movers and Runners

Options for overhead or ground mounting, our product line of running man moving targets are designed to provide an array of customisable and realistic training scenarios for your range. The system can be integrated with other turning target systems and range master control.

Ballistic Safety Baffles

Action Target has designed an innovative combination of steel, wood, and acoustical tile to create our safety baffles— one of the most critical safety concerns in any indoor range. These safety baffles ensure errant bullets can’t escape to the outside, providing ballistic protection to lights, pipes, ventilation ducts, and other structures, while also delivering sound abatement, and a polished, professional appearance to the range.

Portable Target Systems

AutoTargets is an intelligently connected target system that lets shooters interact with their targets in a way never possible before. With its powerful hit sensing technology, advanced app, portable wireless activation, and revolutionary programmability, AutoTargets is truly changing the way you shoot.

Defence Shooting Range and Live-Fire Training Solutions

Defence Solutions

Steel Decelerator Bullet Trap Systems

The safest, strongest and most reliable steel decelerator bullet trap system available. The Action Target Total Containment Trap allows for full cross lane shooting and efficient bullet collection through advanced waste retrieval systems. Dust Collection Units (DCU) apply a negative pressure, to draw lead dust from the trap and deposits it into a containment system ready for recycling.

Shoot Houses

Action Target’s MATCH™ is a 360°, live fire, ballistically safe, shoot house designed for teaching and learning close quarter skills, like room clearing and hallway navigation, with realism and safety. By combining realistic walls, doors, rooms, and hallways into custom configurations, Action Target has created a realistic training environment that is critical to developing the confidence and conditioned responses needed for survival.

Advanced Range Command Systems

User-friendly software interfaces allow uncomplicated use of pre-programmed training scenarios or scenarios written and modified by you in the field in just seconds. The range officer can create up to 100 training scenarios, control lighting, sound effects, video inputs, and the security features of the range. This eliminates concern for computer crashes, disk and mouse failures, viruses and the expense of technical support associated with personal computers

Shoot House Target Systems

Portable bullet traps extend the life of the shoot house by capturing rounds in an easy to maintain facade. Strategic placement of bullet traps can reduce the number of rounds fired into the shoot house walls by as much as 90%. The trap can accommodate Action Target’s reactive AutoTarget system for advanced live-fire and simunition training.

Modular Range Systems (ARCAS)

Turnkey modular ranges systems scalable to meet specific project requirements with up to 14 lanes and up to 100m of shooting range distance. This deluxe configuration features an open-bay concept that does not require vertical supports mid-range and can be built with fewer modules than its competitors. Fully open tactical design with cross lane 270-degree shooting ensures that ARCAS meets all the operational and functional demands of a conventional range design.

Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) Target Systems

Advanced operators including static and moving infantry target systems equipped with LOMAH capabilities provide advance user training with an extremely high level of accuracy. Pop up and rotation units offer full scope functionality of for basic through to advance level scenario programmability with interface to external range management systems

Commercial and Private Shooting Ranges

Commercial and Private Solutions

Bullet Traps

Bullet traps designed to safely, reliably, and consistently receive bullets under all conditions and in all calibres appropriate to your shooting and training needs.

Shooting Range Management

Advanced control systems for target operation, airflow, lighting and building management systems.

Range Ventilation

Compliant range ventilation systems to ensure safety of users while providing a comfortable environment.

Shooting Stalls

The most diverse range of shooting stalls available, with the highest safety ratings and most customizable options. Independent ballistic testing and advanced designs ensure that shooters stay safe and comfortable in your range

Sound Abatement

A variety of sound abatement fascia options that make the range more comfortable for users and offer a clean, finished look. Materials available in a number of thicknesses and colors to you’re your range design.

Target Retrievers

Advanced wirelessly operated, self driven retriver systems with vast configruations and options including unique lighting, camera feedback, in booth control, strike watch technology and 360 dergee rotation target.

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